Open Electronic Medical Record System

OpenMRS is an open-source Electronic Medical Records system, built by people for people. Its mission is to help communities around the world to give and receive high-quality, effective, integral medical care. 

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OpenMRS provides a huge variety of functionalities

The basis of OpenMRS implementation includes:

Admin UI Module

This module is the heart of your health facility. It consists of an administration panel and allows you to register new patients, start and end appointments, take clinical notes, display patient's medical history, and more.

Common Lab Test Module

This module can be used to manage forms for patients’ laboratory tests. It allows you to create lab tests, define their sets of results, collect and manage samples, enter results and attach them to patient’s files.

DHIS Connector Module

This module shares aggregate data from OpenMRS to DHIS2. It makes your system more intuitive and user-friendly, as it gives you access to a simplified interface that does not require manual input of the code every time a change is made.

Chart Search Module

This module allows you to search for patients' data, such as diagnoses, vital signs, illnesses, etc. Searching results can be filtered by 4 categories: time, location, providers, and data type.

Registraton Core Module

This module allows you to easily search for patients, or create new patients' records from within OpenMRS. It also enables scanning patients' fingerprints in order to identify them, as well as generating specific serial numbers for every new patient.

Reporting Module

This module provides easy to use, yet funcional web interface for managing reports within OpenMRS. It allows you to access various types of reports, categorized into two main models: Row-Per-Domain Object Reports and Indicator Reports.

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EMRSCloud is a platform created to share OpenMRS with even more people, by hosting it on a safe and stable server with fast internet connection.

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We are currently gathering our users’ thoughts and opinions on the product. To provide you with the best experience and improve EMRSCloud according to your needs, we are giving ourselves some time for consideration. If you are interested in using our product, please contact us.

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  • Instance setup and configuration

  • Data/metadata import

  • Server monitoring and maintenance

  • OpenMRS backups and upgrades

We want to approach each client individually, so if your needs are greater than what we have described, we can prepare an individual service. Moreover, we believe that everyone should have access to technology and we offer special discounts for institutions in difficult financial situations.

Words From Real Cases

OpenMRS is already helping 15.8 million active patients in 6,745 healthcare facilities reaching 40 countries around the world. Learn how it improved other communities’ lives and how it can improve yours.

African doctor visits an elderly patient and they converse during the medical examination.


OpenMRS solves problems of the Liberian healthcare system.

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OpenMRS supports the rebuilding of the healthcare system in Haiti.

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Sierra Leone

OpenMRS saves the lives of mothers and children in Sierra Leone.

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OpenMRS helps patients in one of the most remote parts of Nepal.

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The product is the same. EMRSCloud only serves as an assistance in your implementation. By providing a stable server with fast internet connection, it enables even more people to use OpenMRS.

EMRSCloud will do everything for you. We will take care of the whole process by configuring the server, helping in product selection and installing the latest version of OpenMRS. 

Implementing OpenMRS by yourself is possible, but quite complicated and time-consuming. If you want to try, we recommend heading to OpenMRS Wiki and OpenMRS Talk for further guidance.

EMRSCloud solves a range of problems connected to the implementation. If you do not have time, space and resources to build your own server room, and to maintain it, EMRSCloud can do it for you. We are familiar with complexities of the code and will make sure to install OpenMRS’ products that meet your needs. EMRSCloud is accessible even in places with low internet connectivity, in order to reach as many users as possible.

Safety is our priority. EMRSCloud provides a safe server, to make sure that sensitive personal data of your patients is protected.

Payment includes only perseverance of the server and protection of the data.

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